Welcome to our new website! (Beta)

Welcome to the Beta version of our new website! A Beta site is one that is live but undergoing testing. So anything you see that needs to be fixed, please send us an email.

CravenCC.edu has undergone some significant changes to better serve our students, faculty, staff and community. Some of the improvements and changes:

  • Navigation – Web pages have been reorganized to improve user experience. Although you may be used to the old navigation, we hope you find what you need easier on our new site.
  • URLs – We are redirecting old web page URLs to new URLs, however any old URLs that have been bookmarked or published in materials may take you to error (404) pages.
  • Web accessibility – We have worked to improve our site to meet needs of individuals with disabilities (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act).
  • Look – We hope you enjoy our fresh new look that is consistent with the Craven Community College image.
  • Shareablity – Every web page is now more easily shared with other people via email and popular social sites.
  • Mobile – Try our new site on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. You should be able to access our site and many of its features through any device.

NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer as your primary browser, you may want to double check that your compatibility settings External Links icon are turned off in the url address bar to ensure that you’re viewing the site as it’s meant to be displayed.

Please report any issues you experience with our Beta website by sending an email to: webmaster@cravencc.edu.

If you are not able to find what you are looking for on this site, please contact the appropriate department or person using our Directory.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during our transition to the new and improved www.CravenCC.edu.