LLC Event - Mayberry Modernism: Mid-Century Modern Architecture in North Carolina

Orringer Auditorium, New Bern Campus

Note: The LLC will be following all State and College mandates regarding health and safety protocols. Until further notice, plan to bring and wear a mask at all events held in Orringer Auditorium.

In New Bern, we are very familiar with the rich inventory of traditional historic homes with classical, elegant details, typically divided into a number of small, single-purpose rooms. What is less known is that New Bern is also home to a number of outstanding examples of “modernist” homes, characterized by combining traditionally separate common areas (like the living room and the dining room) into open interior floor plans with vaulted ceilings, large and numerous windows, flat or low pitch roofs, long exposed beams, extensive use of glass to bring in natural light, and the use of unusual geometric forms.

To learn more about the Modernist movement in New Bern and throughout North Carolina, the Lifetime Learning Center welcomes Mr. George Smart to share more about this very interesting and enduring form of architecture. Mr. Smart is Executive Director of USModernist® and NCModernist®, the nonprofit organizations dedicated to the documentation, preservation, and promotion of Modernist design.

This free lecture event in presented in partnership with:

  • American Institute of Architects (AIA) of Eastern NC
  • Craven Arts Council & Gallery
  • New Bern Historical Society
  • English Speaking Union, Colonial NC Branch