Board of Trustees

Board Authority and Responsibility for Governance

The Board of Trustees has the responsibility for development and governance of Craven Community College.

The 13-member Board of Trustees includes four member appointments by the Governor, four by the Craven County Board of Commissioners and four by the Craven County Board of Education, with each member appointed for a four-year term. The Student Government President serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

The College President, as executive officer of Craven Community College, also attends and participates in all meetings, without vote. The President submits recommended policies and policy decisions to the Board, along with program, financial and other resource recommendations. As elected, the President also serves as executive officer of and secretary for the Board.

The Board of Trustees is authorized as per the Community College Laws of North Carolina, as a leadership body corporate to be responsible for setting all College Policy and for appointing the College President; purchasing, holding and transferring title to all land and property; instituting and defending legal actions; provide for receipt and acceptance of donations, gifts and bequests and contracting with other organizations; and encouraging the establishing of private and nonprofit corporations to support the College. Board members serve without compensation.

The Board meets quarterly, and all members serve on at least one of the four Standing Committees: Academic and Student Affairs, Facilities, Finance and Personnel.

Craven Community College is fortunate to have an extremely dedicated and supportive Board.

Click here to download the current Board of Trustees bylaws.

Mr. Gary Baldree, Sr. June 30, 2016Governor
Ms. Earline Sills WilliamsJune 30, 2015Governor
Mr. William TaylorJune 30, 2018Governor
Mayor Chuck TysonJune 30, 2017Governor
Judge Kenneth CrowJune 30, 2015Craven County Board of Commissioners
Ms. Rosanne LeahyJune 30, 2017Craven County Board of Commissioners
Mrs. Carol MattocksJune 30, 2015Craven County Board of Commissioners
Mr. William NaumannJune 30, 2018 Craven County Board of Commissioners
Mr. Ronald KnightJune 30, 2017Craven County Board of Education
Mr. Kevin RobertsJune 30, 2016Craven County Board of Education
Mrs. Brenda WilsonJune 30, 2018Craven County Board of Education
Ms. Allison MorrisJune 30, 2017Craven County Board of Education
Mr. Jonathan Segal Ex-OfficioFoundation Board President
Mrs. Alison GroseEx-OfficioStudent Government President
Dr. Catherine ChewEx-OfficioCollege President

Officers 2013-2015

Mr. William Naumann
Vice Chair
Mr. Kevin Roberts
Dr. Catherine Chew


Standing Committees
The Board of Trustees operates with four Standing Committees:

Academic and Student Affairs Committee
Chair: Ms. Earline Sills Williams
Facilities Committee
Chair: Mr. Gary Baldree, Sr.
Finance Committee
Chair: Mrs. Brenda Wilson
Personnel Committee
Chair: Mr. Kevin Roberts

Our President