Craven’s Mission 2010-2015

The overall purpose of the strategic planning process is to guide the College in the improvement of educational opportunity and service to the citizens of Craven County. This necessitates that we consistently improve the quality and breadth of our educational programs and services.

The final plan “MANY VOICES ONE VISION: CRAVEN 2015‚” serves to enrich the character of the College and to define its central role within the community, the region and the State of North Carolina. It is our promise to the region and the people of Craven County. The plan identifies a series of strategic goals to address a diverse community and a global economy.

Building on the new College Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Goals, the plan incorporates information and ideas contributed by constituent groups within the College as well as from external stakeholders and community leaders. The three Strategic Goals are a comprehensive response to the needs of our community and the institution at this time and they represent enormous potential for growth and expansion of the college.

Our Mission 2010-2015

Craven Community College has developed and adopted the following Mission Statement and Vision for 2010-2015:

Mission Statement

Craven Community College is a dynamic and responsive institution of higher education committed to improving and enriching individual lives and society through comprehensive, high quality and accessible learning opportunities that allow students to contribute and compete in a diverse and global community.

Craven Community College fulfills this Mission through:

  • Adult General, Basic and Secondary Education Courses and services for students who desire to complete a high school equivalency credential or improve their adult basic education, literacy and English language skills, or for enrolled high school students seeking acceleration opportunities.
  • Cultural, Citizenship and Community Enrichment Activities, services, group travel and special projects in response to cultural needs and quality of life interests of community populations and for the leisure enjoyment and enrichment of adults and youth served.
  • Developmental Education Studies Courses and services for students in need of further growth and development of academic and basic skills preparation for acceptance into a curriculum and to succeed in college programs.
  • Economic/Workforce Development Education and Special Training , Customized courses specifically designed for, and in collaboration with, business, industry and the military including workforce readiness, job enhancement and technical skill development.
  • Occupational and Technical Education Programs, courses and services for students who plan to enter the workforce or upgrade their career training, professional skills and work performance.
  • Student Development Programs and services to support and enhance student academic, career and personal skill development and growth, and assure success for diverse and ever-changing student populations.
  • University-Parallel Education Programs and coursework for the freshman and sophomore years of an undergraduate education for students who plan to continue studies toward the baccalaureate or pursue post-secondary liberal arts studies.

Adopted Board of Trustees April 20, 2010

Vision Statement

By 2015, Craven Community College will be recognized as a vibrant community college focused on student success and lifelong learning through innovative community partnerships, cultural arts programming, military educational services, public radio, and workforce training.

Core Values

Strategic Goals 2010-2015