Lifetime Learning Center


What is the Lifetime Learning Center?

You won’t find a sign for the Lifetime Learning Center on one of Craven Community College’s tan brick buildings. Instead, the Lifetime Learning Center is a concept-based program that embraces accomplished adults who are seeking multiple and diverse opportunities in learning for the pure pleasure of it!

We are keenly aware that our community is brimming with individuals, both natives and newcomers, who have completed their formal education and professional careers, but are still active and hungry for interesting and diverse learning experiences.

Whether it’s a film that intrigues, a performance that inspires, a Broadway production that excites, or a regional tour that delights, we hope that you will find the Lifetime learning Center to be a resource that enhances your quality of life and satisfies your quest for adventures both near and far.

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Click here to download the complete LLC Program Brochure – 2014-15 (PDF)