Office of Institutional Effectiveness

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Mission Statement

The Department’s Mission is to progressively contribute to the strategic planning, policy formulation and decision-making processes of Craven Community College by advancing and providing timely and accurate quantitative and qualitative information, analyses and summary reports, and by providing leadership in Strategic Planning, Institutional Effectiveness, mission attainment, quality enhancement and accountability.


Strategic Planning

  • Provide leadership and administrative support for the College’s multi-year and annual strategic planning processes, including development of component elements of the Strategic Plan.
  • Provide demographic, external and internal environmental scanning, market research information and other analyses to enable and advance strategic and operational planning.
  • Further the efforts of units/centers/departments in formulating their strategic and operational planning goals and actions and in addressing program/process effectiveness and goal attainment.

Institutional Effectiveness

  • Serve as a primary informational resource for the ongoing processes of Institutional Effectiveness and total quality management.
  • Support unit/center/department efforts at measuring student learning outcomes, completing accreditation studies and assuring continuous quality improvement.
  • Respond to administrative and faculty requests for information and as a resource for survey formulation, methodology and assessment regarding students, faculty/staff and other populations.

Institutional Research

  • Advocate the use of longitudinal, comparative and point-in-time informational data to support policy development and administrative decision making.
  • Assemble, analyze and disseminate institutional data and research reports in a proactive, objective and impartial manner, and advance the quality and efficiency of information flow.
  • Provide official data reports and survey completions to the North Carolina Community College System, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and other external agencies, while serving as a clearinghouse and assuring reliable and valid MIS data submissions.
  • Support professional growth of faculty/staff in research, planning and assessment, fostering open and informed communications, analyses and collaborations.

Annual Departmental Goals

  1. Aid in the accountability of Craven Community college to its constituents, both internal and external, through collection, analysis and reporting of data and information in order to evaluate the College’s effectiveness in accomplishing its goals and mission.
  2. Provide a foundation for informed decision-making and planning.
  3. Provide technical, editorial, composition and coordination services for grant development activities.

Contact Information

Barker Hall

Office of Institutional Effectiveness
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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

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Mary C. Clark
Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Emily Drake
Research and Assessment
Yasmin Santiago
Senior Administrative Assistant