Why Craven

Why attend Craven Community College?

For 50 years, Craven Community College has served the educational needs of its community. Craven has stayed with its mission of providing quality training and education in a flexible and affordable way. But as much has changed in our world in five decades and your community college has adapted and grown to meet the challenges and opportunities along the way.

We can tell you about the great educational programs we offer and why we are a great choice for you. Instead, we’ll share what some of our students have said about Craven Community College.

“I walked into Craven and everyone was so very nice and helpful. As I started my classes, I realized that there is so much more that Craven offers. I feel as if Craven opened up many doors for me.” – Melissa V.

“If it wasn’t for Craven, I would not have been prepared for East Carolina University and graduating with honors is especially meaningful to me.” –  George R.

“I’ve done quite a lot with Craven, and I didn’t that think I would find that at a community college setting.” – Kayla S.

“Thank you for teaching this excellent Workforce Development class. It was exactly what I was looking for—a comprehensive introduction to medical coding. It was perfect for someone like me who like to explore different career paths.” – Donna B.

 “In addition to the much-needed flexibility offered by the program, I really enjoyed the instructors because they went above and beyond to help me be successful.” – Paula L

 “I would recommend Craven to high school students because you can gain the same knowledge as the first two years at a university, but at a much lower cost.” – Barry W.