Funds are now available to cover up to 100% of your college tuition. Whether you just graduated high school or want to change your current career path, money is now available to help your college dreams become a reality. Funds provided by federal and state relief packages, as well as the Craven CC Foundation, may be used for short-term job training, career and technical degrees, healthcare programs, and two-year transfer degrees.

Ask us today about what free college opportunities are available to you. Some of the programs eligible to provide 100% of tuition to qualifying students include:

 *Not all programs and fees are eligible to be covered at the 100% rate. Speak to an advisor for details on eligibility.

Earn Your Degree for Less

The college experience has changed, but the cost has stayed the same. Four-year universities are offering more online classes and all the big events have been canceled, but they are still charging students top dollar for a “college experience” that’s 47% more than tuition at Craven Community College.

Our students pay an average of $2,432 a year for tuition versus an average tuition of $4,553 per year at North Carolina’s public universities.*

And that’s not including fees, housing, or meal plans.

Right now, many of the exact same classes are being offered online at both Craven CC and the big universities. You could take those classes with us for $76 a credit hour or through a four-year university at $166 per credit hour.

Twenty classes stack up to $4,900 with us … or you could pay $8,900 to take the same classes online at a four-year college and get virtually the same college experience.**

What is the college experience worth to you?

We don’t have the big game on Saturday, but we do have the smaller class sizes, online learning, and virtually the same campus life experience you’re paying top dollar for at a university. Save money and get the quality education you deserve at Craven Community College.

* Average tuition for full time students at UNC public universities. Figure does not include schools in the Promise Program (Western Carolina University, Elizabeth City State University, and UNC Pembroke). View the full listing.

** Tuition for a maximum load at East Carolina University is $2,226 per semester, equaling a total tuition of $8,904 across four semesters.

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