There are numerous benefits available to veterans that can help cover tuition and other costs while attending Craven Community College. Before you apply to Craven, it is important to determine which chapter of benefits you may be eligible to receive.

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Navigating your benefits can be complicated and we are here to help. Contact one of our School Certifying Officials for assistance concerning your benefits.

Degree Plans – Veteran Affairs

If you’re a veteran student, you must have a degree plan listed with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). You should discuss your degree plan with one of our School Certifying Officials to ensure that all classes being attended are within that degree plan. It is a VA requirement that Craven CC’s School Certifying Official maintain a degree plan for each student’s educational objective.

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It is imperative that you follow these steps:

  1. In order to discuss a degree plan with an Academic Advisor, you will need to submit official copies of transcripts from your high school and all colleges you have attended. Failure to have a degree plan while pursuing your VA-stated educational objective can result in a delay of payment.
  2. Notify the School Certifying Official of all changes in your degree plan or schedule. This includes:
  • Class cancellations
  • Class withdrawal
  • Schedule changes

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