Craven Community College faculty, administration, and the Board of Trustees embarked on a strategic planning process over a six-month period in 2016-2017. The Board of Trustees approved the College’s strategic plan, which is designed to guide the College from 2017-2022.

Teaching and Learning

1) Conduct high quality and rigorous programs that are current and relevant to our community needs

  • Regularly conduct and implement the results of needs assessments for university transfer, career, workforce development, health sciences, and adult enrichment programs
  • Expand distance learning presence through all appropriate course offerings
  • Advocate the growth of Early College programs
  • Develop increased educational opportunities for high-school age students to access the College’s academic programs
  • Enhance programs that reach out to educationally disadvantaged populations; develop and sustain students for college-level program entry

2) Align curriculum and workforce development programs to provide laddered credentialing

  • Grow academic and career pathways via articulation agreements
  • Increase student apprenticeship opportunities

3) Pursue marquee standing of select programs

  • Achieve National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) accreditation of Associate Degree Nursing program
  • Pursue new national certifications of career and workforce development programs
  • Expand veteran administration recognition of workforce development programs

4) Construct the STEM Center

5) Open the new Workforce Development Center

6) Promote growth opportunities in student writing skills in College curricula

7) Improve the integration of general education curricula with Career and Health Science programs

Student-Centered Experience

1) Improve student retention and completion

  • Execute the Quality Enhancement Plan: Advising-Community-Engagement
  • Provide comprehensive quality academic support services
  • Implement full-service support for online students
  • Integrate curriculum and workforce development support

2) Provide exceptional service to students

  • Optimize services available to students
  • Offer predictable and student-centered course scheduling
  • Improve responsiveness to student queries and requests
  • Develop online enrollment and payment back-office processes for workforce

3) Development and Adult Enrichment

  • Maximize technologies that enhance student experiences
  • Refine registration processes using a student-friendly perspective

4) Construct “First Stop”

  • Enhance student “first contact”
  • Streamline admissions processes

5) Utilize data-driven decision making

  • Use assessment to inform continuous improvement
  • Track student progress via robust analytics
  • Implement the “data dashboard”

College Environment

1) Maintain a culture of College-wide shared commitment to effective teaching and learning

  • Ensure creativity is valued, where a failed initiative is perceived as a growth opportunity
  • Offer professional development and team building for faculty and staff through the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Create a Job Center portal through the College’s website
  • Provide appropriate and adequate resources across academic programs, instructional sites, and delivery modes

2) Sustain the College as a great place to work and learn

  • Facilitate a community and family-based environment
  • Provide opportunities and forums for shared governance
  • Promote health and wellness initiatives for faculty, staff, and students
  • Develop deeper understanding and buy-in of the College’s policies, procedures, and processes
  • Maintain a safe, accessible, and esthetically pleasing physical environment that reflects the College’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning

3) Be reputed as an ideal employer within Craven County and North Carolina

  • Advocate legislative initiatives that advance the professional interests of our faculty and staff
  • Recruit and retain high quality faculty and staff

Community Service and Engagement

1) Significantly increase the Foundation endowment

  • Engage College alumni
  • Increase donor base breadth and long-term commitments

2) Demonstrate engagement and commitment across community constituencies

  • Maintain physical presence in historically underserved neighborhoods
  • Aggressively respond to emerging business and industry needs
  • Serve as community convener to build local partnerships
  • Expand the Adult Enrichment Program
  • Market the College strategically
  • Establish a master marketing plan
  • Market the College as “first choice” for teaching and learning
  • Promote a student-centered identity
  • Use assessment to improve marketing effectiveness

3) Engage local and state leaders

  • Implement an annual legislative plan


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