Pirate Promise

If you plan to become an East Carolina University (ECU) Pirate but want to complete your first two years closer to home at a fraction of the cost, our Pirate Promise program is for you. Pirate Promise guarantees admission to transfer as a junior to ECU upon completing an associate degree with us.

This is not a scholarship, but it does grant extensive advising, trips, discounts on athletic event tickets, access to ECU libraries, and participation in select ECU activities prior to your enrollment at ECU. This helps you become familiar with the campus and school before transferring and completing your bachelor’s degree.


  • Take 12 or more credit hours per semester (Fall/Spring)
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • Complete the verification process each semester
  • Complete your associate degree in science, arts, fine arts, engineering, or early childhood education
  • High school, Career & College Promise, and Early College students are eligible (11th and 12th graders)

ECU Partnership Teach

The ECU Partnership Teach Office for teacher education programs is located in Bate Hall on our New Bern campus. This Partnership Teach program allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree in teaching fully online. Students can choose from elementary education, special education, or middle grades education with two areas of concentration, and each program culminates with a 15-week full-time internship.


Craven is proud to be a partner of the ECU College of Nursing to provide the ENC Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nurses (RIBN) program. The RIBN program is for students straight out of high school and is typically four years, while the aRIBN program is for students who have already graduated high school and is typically three years. Through these programs, students are dually admitted to Craven CC and ECU to obtain their ADN and BSN degrees. This allows students to obtain their BSN for a fraction of the cost.

Learn more about the RIBN and aRIBN programs.

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SECU Partnership Director
Gerald Baldwin
Bate Hall, Room 116-D

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