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Take the steps you need to prepare for the workforce with Believe to Achieve. Whether you are re-entering the workforce after being a stay-at-home parent or just graduated high school, Believe to Achieve can give you the tools needed to enter the workforce. Various classes will help you explore interests and potential career paths as well as:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Economic literacy
  • Employability skills, and securing employment.

The Believe to Achieve Leadership Academy is tailored to graduating high school and college students ready to enter the workforce, learning the skills needed for their resume and cover letter, employability, building their confidence, and exploring their interests to secure employment in a field of their interest.

All Believe to Achieve students will go through six levels to prepare them for successful employment:

Level One: Mindset Matters

Discover who you are and how to dismantle “stinking thinking” about yourself that may serve as barriers to employment. This class will also cover professionalism, workplace etiquette, and job retention.

Level Two: Employment Matters

Learn the basics of unlocking your strengths, how to apply them to a career, how to dress for success, and how to ace a job interview.

Level Three: Basic Computer Skills

Get hands-on computer assistance that includes connecting to the internet, setting up emails, social media, and other useful programs.

Level Four: Career Planning & Assessment

Explore a variety of career paths and develop goal setting. Each student will complete the Myers-Briggs assessment tool to help bridge individual personality types with job matches.

Level Five: Employability Skills

Complete job applications, cover letters, resumes, and work with NC Works career advisors. We will tour Craven Community College, Volt Center, work sites, and meet with hiring managers.

Level Six: Money Matters

Learn how to maintain a simple budget. Other skills covered include: building positive credit history, saving, financial goal setting, and banking basics.

Leadership Academy 

For high school and college graduates entering the workforce, this program helps students
gain more self-confidence, explore areas of interest, learn basic computer skills, resume and
cover letter preparation, employability skills, and securing employment.

In addition to the Believe to Achieve levels 1-6, Leadership Academy students will go through these prerequisite sessions:

Mentoring Moments

After exploring interests and determining desired field of work, you will be matched up with mentors in your goal industry.

Effective Communication

Learn how to effectively communicate in the workplace. This includes verbal and nonverbal communication, professional and casual communication and determining appropriate situations for communication styles. Get hands-on experience with a Communication Lab class to practice what you’ve learned.

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Scholarship Opportunities

If you're unemployed, underemployed, or justice involved, you may qualify for Building Bridges, a partnership between Craven Community College and the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. Supported certification programs are Forklift and Truck Driver Training (CDL). Get more information.

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