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Person Reporting Incident
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You may wish to consider including, among other things, some or all the following information in your description: the gender of the parties, the relationship between the parties, whether one or more of the parties were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the alleged Sexual Misconduct, whether the Respondent used pressure or force (physical or otherwise) in the course of the alleged Sexual Misconduct, & the frequency (if applicable) of the alleged Sexual Misconduct.
Be as specific as possible about what happened including location, any possible witnesses, time of day, physical injuries incurred if this complaint is due to an assault, etc. 
I understand that this information will be used to conduct an investigation. I have been provided documentation of my rights as a complainant, accused, or bystander. I understand that the College will make every effort to protect the privacy of all involved, but the information I provide in completing this form is not confidential and may be shared as necessary for the College to take appropriate action.