Craven Community College Policies 

Policies provide a written guideline, course of action, or directive adopted by the Board of Trustees and are applicable to the College. These guidelines are supported by coordinating Procedures, which provide a written guideline, course of action, or directive adopted by the President to implement a specific Board Policy, and/or to govern academic, student, or administrative functions of the College. 

Institutional Mission, Governance, and EffectivenessN/A
MissionBoard Policy 1.1
Vision StatementBoard Policy 1.2
Core ValuesBoard Policy 1.3
Board Policy Principles and General DefinitionsBoard Policy 1.4
Duties of the BoardBoard Policy 1.5
Conflicts of InterestBoard Policy 1.6
Duties of the PresidentBoard Policy 1.7
Self-Evaluation of the Board of TrusteesBoard Policy 1.8
Evaluation of the PresidentBoard Policy 1.9
Continuous ImprovementBoard Policy 1.10
Human Resources and PersonnelN/A
Personnel - General PrinciplesBoard Policy 2.1
Adverse WeatherBoard Policy 2.2
Annual Leave for VacationBoard Policy 2.3
Drug and Alcohol UseBoard Policy 2.4
Civil LeaveBoard Policy 2.5
Communicable DiseasesBoard Policy 2.6
Overtime, Compensatory Time, & Flex Time Board Policy 2.7
Employee Categories and BenefitsBoard Policy 2.8
Disciplinary Action Addressing Suspension and DismissalBoard Policy 2.9
Educational LeaveBoard Policy 2.10
Employee EvaluationBoard Policy 2.11
Probation Period of New HiresBoard Policy 2.12
Employee Grievance PolicyBoard Policy 2.13
Employee Personnel FileBoard Policy 2.14
Recruitment, Selection, and HiringBoard Policy 2.15
Voluntary Shared Leave ProgramBoard Policy 2.16
Leave Without PayBoard Policy 2.17
Longevity Pay PlanBoard Policy 2.18
Military LeaveBoard Policy 2.19
Nepotism (Employment of Relatives)Board Policy 2.20
Non-ReappointmentBoard Policy 2.21
Other Employee BenefitsBoard Policy 2.22
Political Activities of EmployeesBoard Policy 2.23
Professional DevelopmentBoard Policy 2.24
Reduction-in-ForceBoard Policy 2.25
Salary Determination MethodsBoard Policy 2.26
Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment (Employees)Board Policy 2.27
Sick LeaveBoard Policy 2.29
Secondary EmploymentBoard Policy 2.30
Veterans Preference in Hiring DecisionsBoard Policy 2.31
Amorous and Sexual Relationships Between Faculty
and Administrative Staff and Students
Board Policy 2.32
Online Social Media NetworkingBoard Policy 2.33
Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA)Board Policy 2.34
Family and Medical LeaveBoard Policy 2.35
Personal Observance LeaveBoard Policy 2.36
Paid Parental LeaveBoard Policy 2.37
Student Life and ServicesN/A
Student Rights and ResponsibilitiesBoard Policy 3.1
Student AthleticsBoard Policy 3.2
Student Code of ConductBoard Policy 3.3
Driver's License EligibilityBoard Policy 3.4
Student GovernanceBoard Policy 3.5
Student PublicationsBoard Policy 3.6
Student Records and Privacy RightsBoard Policy 3.7
Student GrievancesBoard Policy 3.8
Family Relocation TuitionBoard Policy 3.9
College-Sponsored Student ScholarshipsBoard Policy 3.10
AdmissionsBoard Policy 3.11
Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment (Title IX)Board Policy 3.12
Academic AffairsN/A
Academic FreedomBoard Policy 4.1
Continuing Education Programs and ClassesBoard Policy 4.2
Classroom AccessBoard Policy 4.3
Library PolicyBoard Policy 4.4
Role of Faculty and Staff in GovernanceBoard Policy 4.5
Self-SupportBoard Policy 4.6
Academic HonorsBoard Policy 4.7
Program and Community Advisory CommitteesBoard Policy 4.8
Live Client ProjectsBoard Policy 4.9
Religious ObservanceBoard Policy 4.10
Early CollegeBoard Policy 4.11
Concurrent Enrollment of High School StudentsBoard Policy 4.12
SACSCOC Substantive ChangeBoard Policy 4.13
Course AuditsBoard Policy 4.14
Excused Absences and Refunds for Military StudentsBoard Policy 4.15
Credit For Prior LearningBoard Policy 4.16
Auxiliary and Administrative ServicesN/A
Sound Fiscal and Management PracticesBoard Policy 5.1
PurchasingBoard Policy 5.2
Bookstore, Vending, and Food Service RevenueBoard Policy 5.3
Environmental Safety and ConservationBoard Policy 5.4
Electronic SignatureBoard Policy 5.5
Foreign National ComplianceBoard Policy 5.6
Campus Security and SafetyN/A
SafetyBoard Policy 6.1
Protection From Imminent ThreatsBoard Policy 6.2
Sexual Assault ProgramsBoard Policy 6.4
Tobacco and Nicotine ProhibitionBoard Policy 6.5
Campus Access and Public CommunicationBoard Policy 6.6
College ParkingBoard Policy 6.7
Institutional AdvancementN/A
FoundationsBoard Policy 7.1
Gifts and ContributionsBoard Policy 7.2
Solicitation of ContributionsBoard Policy 7.3
Naming HonorsBoard Policy 7.4
Externally Funded Grants and ContractsBoard Policy 7.5
Public Announcements and Media RelationsBoard Policy 7.6
Foundation Director of Emeritus AwardBoard Policy 7.7
Miscellaneous Policies of General ApplicabilityN/A
Acceptable Use of College TechnologyBoard Policy 8.1
Identity TheftBoard Policy 8.2
Intellectual Property OwnershipBoard Policy 8.3
Information SecurityBoard Policy 8.4
Copyright ProtectionsBoard Policy 8.5
Public RecordsBoard Policy 8.6

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