While registering for classes, you will see that each class has a series of numbers and letters at the beginning of the class title. These are called section codes and each one represents the location, time, length of class, and section number. 

First Letter

The first letter in a course section designates the location of the class:

  • N = New Bern Campus
  • H = Havelock Campus
  • M = MCAS Cherry Point
  • X = Off Campus

Second Letter

All classes will have a second letter designating what time of day the course is offered:

  • D = Day
  • E = Evening (5 p.m. and later)
  • P = Programmed Instruction (self-paced instruction, usually using a computer)
  • S = Saturday
  • W = Web (online, no set time, students must use computers and have the internet to access classes)

Third Letter

A third letter is only used if the course is not for the full 16-week term:

  • A = Terms starting on the first day of class for the full term and ending at the midpoint of the term (ex. HEA1)
  • B = Terms starting at the mid-point of the semester and ending on the last day of the 16-week term (ex. HEB1)
  • L = Late terms starting two to four weeks after the beginning of the full term, set up to accommodate mid-year high school graduates and others

Fourth Letter

If applicable, a fourth letter represents classes with unusual characteristics:

  • C = Learning Community (part of a cluster of classes taken together to enhance student learning)
  • F = High School
  • K = Basic Skills Plus
  • Q = LEEP (Learning through Effective Educational Planning, the college’s Quality Enhancement Plan – courses set up for a group of students pursuing a similar course of study)
  • R = Early College (courses for Craven Early College students)
  • U = Independent Study
  • V = Virtual Classroom
  • Y = Hybrid classes combine traditional face-to-face instruction with online instruction, where greater than 50% but less than 100% of instruction takes place online and required face-to-face classroom sessions are appropriately predetermined by the instructor. Both face-to-face and online components must be integrated, and a required face-to-face meeting will occur within the first 10% point of the course. A schedule of expected on-campus class sessions will be made available by the instructor in Moodle at the beginning of each hybrid course.
  • Z = HyFlex allows students to choose to attend a regularly scheduled in-person session or an online option on a session-by-session basis. The college determines how to offer the online portion of the course. The online portion may be offered synchronously, asynchronously, or both as long as 100% of the instruction is offered face to face with the instructor in a physical classroom.


A number designates the section of a particular course.

  • ENG-111-ND1 – ENG 111, meeting on New Bern campus during the day for a full term
  • ENG-111-HWA1 – ENG 111, meeting online for the first half of the semester, instructor based on Havelock campus (100% online)
  • ENG-232-NEWV1 – ENG 232, meeting in the virtual classroom during the evening on the specific day (100% online)
  • ART-111-XDF1 – ART 111, meeting off campus (West Craven High School) for high school students for the full term
  • CIS-110-NDV1 – CIS 110, meeting on New Bern campus during the day and virtual classroom on the specific time and day (partially online = hybrid/blended)
  • PED-110-NDARY – PED 110, meeting on New Bern campus during the day and also including online access for A-Term and restricted to Early College students

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