Computer-Aided Drafting - Solidworks Specialist Certificate

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Computer-Aided Drafting - Solidworks Specialist Certificate

Program Code: C50150B / C50150HB

Our Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) – Solidworks Specialist program is designed to prepare you to apply technical skills, advanced computer software, and hardware knowledge to the development of plans and related documentation. You’ll receive the necessary background to manage the hardware and software components of a CAD system, as well as how to utilize advanced functions and features to solve complex modeling challenges.

The CAD program also offers degree, diploma, and other certificate options.

This certificate is also available to high school students through our Career & College Promise program.

Plan of Study

The recommended course sequence for this program and a complete list of related classes are available in the Academic Catalog. Click the button below to view a copy of this plan of study, which is also available as a PDF.

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We offer several credentials that provide the flexibility you need. Most degree programs last two years and provide the most in-depth study of a particular subject. Diplomas and certificates take less time and are often taken in conjunction with other degree programs. Specialized training is also available for workforce development programs that are completed in less than a year.

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