There's a new Panther on the prowl at Craven Community College, and we need your help coming up with a name.

A new Panther pounced onto the scene when Knight the Panther retired in August after 10 years of service to the college. We are not sure where they came from or how long they've been on the prowl, but they have plenty of school spirit already with their furry blue coat and a green Craven Community College jersey. They have already started to make friends across the college, and we all looking forward to many years ahead with our new Panther.

There's just one problem ... we don't know their name!

Things are starting to get awkward and we need your help.

All students, staff, and faculty are welcome to vote for their choice for the new Panther name through Oct. 8. The winning name will be announced Oct. 16 at 11 a.m. in Ward Hall. 

During the process, Panther fans can help by sharing the link and use the hashtag #NameOurPanther or #CravenCCPanther to share their favorite names with friends. Only suggestions entered through the form below will be considered.

Make sure you look out for our Panther on campus and online for contest updates!

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Mascot asks what is my name

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