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Composites Quality Assurance Certificate

Program Description

Composites is a concentration under the curriculum title of Manufacturing Technology. This curriculum provides training in various composite (reinforcing fiber in a polymer matrix) processing and testing methods. It will prepare individuals for employment by teaching them to utilize the latest technologies in composite processing and testing.

Coursework in the 67 SHC program includes the processing and design of composite structures and composite materials testing. Processes include compression molding, vacuum assisted transfer molding, and resign transfer molding. Testing includes impact, shear, compression, flexure, and tension tests based on anisotropic (dependent on the direction of the material) theory and stress analysis.

Craven developed the new Composites program in response to the workforce needs at a number of area employers, most notably Fleet Readiness Center East at Cherry Point. Composites are increasingly being used in aircraft, the automotive industry, and watercraft. Sporting goods is another area in which such materials are becoming more prevalent.

Admission Criteria

Admission to this program requires that students be high school graduates or have a recognized equivalency.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and identify layup processes, vacuum bag schedules, and equipment operation involved in the manufacturing of various composite material combinations.
  • Be able to fabricate, repair, and fasten composites structures as per blueprint specifications.
  • Be able to test composites structures to meet specifications using specialized test equipment.

Career Opportunities

Graduates should qualify for employment as

  • lab technicians
  • lab testing specialists
  • composite manufacturing technicians.

Graduates will be able to advance in the workplace and develop with new cutting-edge technologies.

Transfer Opportunities

While the AAS is a degree leading to immediate job placement upon graduation, Craven Community College has a special relationship for transfer to a BS degree in Industrial Technology with East Carolina University.

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