At Craven Community College, we believe education is more than just a classroom experience. We offer dozens of hands-on training and learning opportunities across a multitude of subjects that connect your interests with real-world opportunities. Several of our programs can lead directly to local employment offers.

The practical experience you gain will give you more confidence in your abilities and add to your marketability when seeking jobs. You’ll also connect with many local businesses that could be potential employers, the majority of which are looking for students with a real-world understanding of their field.

Below are some examples of functional training and learning opportunities we provide through collaborations with local businesses and organizations:

  • Our Manufacturing Fast Track provides hands-on training for local manufacturers BSH Home Appliances, Moen, and Dradura. At the program conclusion, students get to interview with the program’s respective business partner.

Real-World Training with Experienced Instructors

Our training programs are led by instructors with years of experience in their fields. This means you’ll be gaining practical knowledge from people who can give you useable skills to help you succeed. Some examples include:

  • Our Aviation program instructors are experienced military and commercial pilots.
  • Our Barbering Concepts program instructor is the owner of a successful local barbershop and employs students who graduate from the program.
  • Our Welding programs are led by instructors who are Certified Welding Inspectors and currently work in the welding industry.

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