CARES Act 2 – Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Grant for Students

The Department of Education, through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds II (HEERF II) created under the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA), has provided Craven Community College (Craven CC) with emergency financial assistance to help students who are enrolled at Craven CC and have emergency costs that arose due to the coronavirus, such as tuition, food, housing, health care (including mental), or child care.

Craven CC has received $754,672 in HEERF II/CRRSAA funds from the federal government to assist students with costs associated with attending college. CRRSAA requires that Craven CC prioritizes the distribution of this funding for students with exceptional financial need.

Students can complete a CARE2/CRRSAA application here.

Award Ranges

Title IV Eligible (Degree-seeking students):

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) $0

Full time – $1,200

¾ time – $900

½ time – $600

< ½ time – $300

EFC between $1 – $5,576

Full time – $1000

¾ time – $750

½ time – $500

< ½ time – $250

EFC above $5,576

Full time – $800

¾ time – $600

½ time – $400

< ½ time – $200

Non-Title IV eligible (Non-degree seeking, non-credit, dual enrollment, and continuing education students):

Non-degree seeking, non-credit and dual enrollment – $200

Continuing education – $400 (for Workforce Development courses with 96 hours or more leading to a state or industry-recognized credential)

For latest numbers of students who received funds and total amount of funds awarded, view the HEERF - CARES, CRRSSA, ARP page.

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