Law Enforcement Training

Basic Law Enforcement Training students practice arrests after being pepper sprayed

Law Enforcement Training

We have several Law Enforcement Training programs designed to train both current and new personnel in basic law enforcement, detention officer, 911 telecommunicators, and firearms. If your goal is to go into the law enforcement field, our Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) program can help you get there. If you’re already in the field and looking for extra training opportunities, our various law enforcement training courses are for you. An extended effort is made to work with the various law enforcement departments throughout Craven County. From a pool of state and local instructors, we work to meet the training needs of law enforcement within Craven County.

Fee Waiver Notice

Registration fees may be waived for students affiliated with a North Carolina State approved agency (law enforcement, Dept. of Public Safety). The waiver does not apply to private and federal law enforcement. 

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